Transcend 16GB CF (1000X) paměťová karta TS16GCF1000

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To ensure high-quality image and video capture using today’s cutting-edge digital equipment, Transcend’s 1000x CompactFlash memory cards support the CompactFlash 6.0 specification, which offers incredible high-speed performance and vast storage space. Additionally, the "Ultimate" series 1000x CompactFlash cards implement the Video Performance Guarantee (VPG-20) to enable professional-quality video recording without dropping frames, even in 3D.

Key Features

- Ultra-fast 1000X performance with four-channel support
- Manufactured with brand-name toggle mode MLC NAND Flash chips
- Supports high-speed Ultra DMA transfer mode 7

- Built-in BCH ECC technology with read-retry for detecting and correcting errors
- ATA interface
- Ultra DMA Mode 0 to Ultra DMA Mode 7
- MultiWord DMA Mode 0 to MultiWord DMA Mode 4
- PIO Mode 0 to PIO Mode 6
- Multi-platform compatibility
- RoHS compliant
- All commercial CF cards are removable disk by default

Size 42.8mm x 36.4mm x 3.3mm
Op. Voltage 3.3V~5V
Op. Temperature -25°C(-13°F) to 85°C(185°F)
Durability 10,000 insertion/removal cycles
Weight 11.4g
R/W Performance Read 160 MByte/s, Write 120 MByte/s
*Note Speed may vary due to host hardware, software and usage.
Compatibility Ideal upgrade for digital cameras



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Compact Flash